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Orlando: Healing Through Learning, Demanding Change

After the horrific, anti-LGBT terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, millions of people around the globe offered their thoughts, their prayers, and held candlelight vigils to mourn for the victims. While I understand their usefulness to others, I am not a religious person and prefer to express my solidarity with the victims and outrage towards the massacre through words and action. Nothing I can do or write will bring back those lives lost at the Orlando nightclub. Nevertheless, if we are able to learn from their tragedy, it will not have been in vain. In the spirit of healing through learning and reform, I offer these observations.

Standing Up to Bullying: A Community-based Approach

For a long time, bullying in schools went largely unaddressed in America. Teachers would dismiss it as "kids being kids" and parents would justify it as a way to "toughen kids up for the real world." One of the leading bullying prevention advocacy groups ascribes historical sentiment for bullying as a "childhood rite of passage." And then, bullies discovered the Internet and a whole new word was forged: cyberbullying. Because of this far-reaching platform, it soon became understood that bullying doesn't "toughen" kids, it tears them down.